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2 Essentials of A Realtor Website

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One of the best and the most important things for a real estate firm to do in this competitive era is making a promising digital presence. For this, you need to approach a reputed web design company in Reno like Stack Mode. The web design professionals here will make sure that your website is equipped with the right tools to boost your impact in a competitive industry. The following are some of the essential elements that ever realtor website must include:

Search Tools

Most, if not all, visitors on your website will head there to look for their ultimate real estate buying or selling opportunities. This is the reason search tools always rank high on the crucial features of a real estate website.

A few real estate customers are more experienced and savvy than others, while there are even the ones that have no idea the way to get started. Putting diverse search tools in the website will let you appeal to this diversity of users, boosting the possibilities of gaining leads and prospective clients.

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Websites designed by a top-rated web designer in Reno for real estate firms benefit from having any or all of the following search tool styles:

  • Interactive map search page – The visual nature of this tool will help homeowners looking to move within same neighborhood or district, as well as buyers who would like to relocate close to a specific place of interest, such as commercial establishment or school.
  • Advanced search page – The wider range of search parameters that this search tool is ideal for buyers or sellers who have got an apparent idea of what they would like.
  • Quick search toolbars – Compact and simple to use, these are perfect for 1st time buyers or the ones who are new to the area of operation. Put these on home screens and internal page margins, so users can launch into searches wherever they are on the website.

Simple Navigation

Does your website follow the 3-click rule? In web design, three is the most favorable number of clicks that a user needs to find any content or information that they require. The 3-click rule isn’t a hard rule by any means, but you get the idea – Quick, easy, and convenient is the key to keeping clients contented.

The following are a few ways to streamline the navigational structure of your website:

  • Limit the menu items to seven.
  • Keep away from drop-down menus. They’re neither search engine-friendly or user-friendly.
  • Descriptive, topic-focused labels guide the visitors better than generic section labels. They are wonderful for SEO services in Reno for your website.
  • Fixed headers keep the key sections of the website noticeable at all times.
  • Add fat footers to provide users with an overview of the sections of the website at the bottom of every webpage.

Get on the right track to building and maintaining a promising digital presence with Stack Mode. We are a leading agency for web design service in Reno, specializing in real estate websites!


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