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4 Amazing Things to Do in Slovakia

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Slovakia is an amazing travel destination. If you are planning to take a holiday in Europe, you need to consider this country. In particular, visiting Bratislava can be the best idea and lifetime experience. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. The city carries a lot of history and adventure. There is a lot of things to see and do in this European city.

Though it may not be popular as other cities on this continent, it has great tourism attractions. Your time here will turn into memorable moments. But what can you do when in this country? Here are 4 amazing things to do in Slovakia to make your tour enjoyable:

Taking a tour around the Old Town

Do you want to know the history of Slovakia? No good place to get a one on one interaction with it than in the Old Town. This small town amid Bratislava city carries history from many past decades. You will see walls and decorations done centuries ago.

Also, you have a chance to see some of the oldest buildings in Europe. These aspects will offer you a chance to interact with history and get back the ancient times.  If you are a first-timer, working with a tour company like DMC Slovakia will make your street navigation easy.

The Michael’s gate

Sometimes, you imagine how life was in medieval times. You wonder did people have any skills as the one we got today. Your visit to Michael’s gate will answer this question. When in Bratislava, consider touring this gate built in the 1300s. The gate will help you understand the level of craftsmanship your ancestors used.

To make your tour memorable, it is worth capturing a photo while on this gate. You’ll have something to show friends and family when back home. However, you need to have some coins to get access to the gate and picture it.

Pay tribute to fallen heroes at Slavin memorial

If you love history, you have led about the slaying of soldiers during the Bratislava liberation war in 1945. Over 7000 country and foreign troops lost their lives following attacks by the German Army.

In their honor, the Slovakian administration built a memorial site dubbed Slavin. When in this country, you can pay your tribute to these heroes who sacrificed their lives for the Slovakian liberation by visiting this memorial site.

Go to the Bratislava Castle for a hike

Make your muscles strong by taking a hike at the Bratislava Castle. The castle is next to the city. It is a walking distance of where you can go for hiking purposes. This place also allows you to view Bratislava city clearly. In particular, consider visiting the place in the evening. You will have a superb sunset experience and witness the darkness covering the city. So, this will be an awesome and lifetime moment.

In a word, your tour to Slovakia should not be a boring moment. you can enjoy the time and make it impactful by visiting the above and other awesome places in the capital city.


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