Wednesday, June 23

4 Reasons Why your Next Flat in Pune Should Be Near The Express Way

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Pune is one of the hottest real estate markets in urban India right now. A recent survey even suggested that property rates in Pune grew the most in the last decade, even beating metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore! With the infrastructure and property type of flats in Pune improving, there are many reasons why real estate in Pune will continue to boom in the upcoming decade. As an expert myself, I try to write a blog when I see an exciting trend in the market and that’s why today I’m going to highlight some reasons why you should buy flat in Pune near express way.

Location Advantages for Flats Near Expressway

The strategic location advantages of buying any property near the expressway in Pune cannot be overstated! If you are someone who needs to travel to cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore then you should surely check out the property status of various flats near expressway as it gives direct access and the fastest route when traveling by road. Imagine avoiding all the city traffic every time you have to travel? That sounds like an achievable dream that can be fulfilled when you contact the list of agents who can help with property buying or opt for online sites like Nonbroken.

Spacious Properties

When I looked at many of the project details of different flats in Pune near express way, I realized that a lot of the properties offer stunning value for money! Some of the specifications of flats in Pune focus on being cheap but not much space. But the property type of flats in Pune near the expressway offers spacious 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK are large with lots of bright sunlight and the wind flowing in, making them the best option for buyers looking to move in! It is no wonder that the Ratings & Reviews of flats in Pune near the expressway are high as ever!

Pune Flat Rates & Price Trends Near Expressway

Whenever you are buying a property be it a flat or a bungalow, the most important deciding factor is the price. To my surprise, many of the residential complexes are offering a great deal, especially for middle-class strata who are about to buy their first property! Being close to the expressway not only offers great access to the city of Pune and others but is also cost-effective and you would notice when you check the property status of various flats near expressway.

Amenities of Flats Near Expressway

Many people looking for properties that have plenty of amenities such as a dedicated children’s play area, a landscaped garden for the people to enjoy, a jogging track for the young and senior citizens to go on walks. As many of the projects on the expressway are huge and spread across hundreds of acres, developers are also offering a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. making the choice of buying easier than ever!


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