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5 Cheapest Areas to Buy a House in Devon

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Devon has some wonderful scenery and many people like to holiday and own homes in the region. Prices are be very different dependent on the area, so here is a guide on the most affordable places in Devon. It looks at the the price of an average three bedroom house in 2020.


The most affordable place to buy such a house is in Plymouth with an average cost of only £120,000. You can even find houses for less if you are willing to do some work.

Plymouth is situated on the sea between the river Tamar and river Plym. It is a large town with a large population and as it also has a university, is a good place for buy to let investors based on the cheap entry prices. It also has good transport links, sports facilities and shopping areas.


Paignton is the second cheapest on the list, as you can buy a 3 bedroom house here for only £140,000. The town is very popular with holidaymakers and day visitors so may be a good location (at least for the former) for holiday rentals. It has a long sandy beach, a zoo, a pier and even a steam railway to keep visitors entertained.


Third on our list comes Barnstable, where you can pick up a similar house for £150,000.

Historically this was a very wealthy town because of the wool trade and its river port. This lead to some large houses being built that still stand. Gradually the river silted up leading to a decline in the town’s fortunes. But it picked up, as the town was discovered again as a tourist destination by the Victorians with the growth of the railway system. To this day, tourism is still its main industry,


Bideford comes in fourth on our list with an average price of £151,000. The town lies on the south coast next to the River Torridge. You can also catch a ferry to Lundy Island, which lies just offshore in the Bristol Channel which is popular for those who like rock climbing and bird watching.

The town is know for a long bridge built in the fifteenth century that joins the east of Bideford to the west. Although it has good bus links, it has no railway station of its own, the nearest one being 7 miles away in the next town, which probably has an effect on property prices.

House in Devon

Newton Abbott

The final town on our list of cheapest places to buy property in Devon is Newton Abbott,  with an cost of a house with three bedrooms being on average £155,000.

Historically this was a prosperous town because of the wool, fabric and tannery industries. Now it is a modern town with good transport links (having its own railway station), schools and shops. It has a large hospital as well.

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