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Best Status Symbols For Big Spenders In 2021

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You may think that the age of COVID-19 would bring an end to status symbols. After all, how flashy can you be on a Zoom call when everyone in the world is wearing sweatpants for another endless month of social isolation? Nevertheless, the wealthy have managed to adapt their status symbol selves to this new time. They may not be buying overpriced designer handbags or eye-popping shoes, but there are still some must-have big-ticket items for 2021.

So, with that in mind, what are the items that can’t be missed this year? Is it a top-speed car, or perhaps a diamond-encrusted face mask? Read on to learn what the wealthy one percent are adding to their wishlists this year.

You can still see diamonds on a Zoom call.


Okay, so the fashion industry has taken a hit during the pandemic. In fact, even iconic brands like Levi’s reported dramatic drops in stock prices, as more and more people chose athleisure over jeans. That being said, there’s something you can still see on a video chat or a socially distant awards ceremony, and that’s jewelry.

The year 2020 was primarily defined by the pandemic, but it was also defined by the social unrest and rising awareness of issues like sustainability and climate change. This is why many A-listers are choosing to leave natural diamonds (otherwise known as mined diamonds) in the past, instead opting for engagement rings and earrings that feature lab-grown diamonds. Agape diamonds, for example, feature some incredible synthetic diamonds with the same carat weight and brilliance as a “natural diamond” would have, but without any of the cruelty and destruction that is common with much natural diamond extraction. Synthetic diamonds aren’t like cubic zirconia—they’re the same as natural diamonds except grown in a lab. If you’re thinking of cruelty-free synthetic diamonds for an engagement ring for your fiancé, read some Agape Diamonds reviews online to learn more.

Stay socially distant in your Lamborghini.


Staying six feet apart doesn’t have to happen at home—it can happen in your luxury car. Celebrities have been seen in gorgeous, high horsepower luxury vehicles, zipping around far from the risk of COVID-19. If you’ve been asking yourself, “how much is insurance for a Lamborghini?” the answer is, it depends. The Lamborghini insurance cost depends on what makes you’re looking at and what type of driver you are. That being said, there’s truly no luxury exotic car like a Lamborghini. If you want to ride in style like the wealthy and famous, consider being a Lamborghini buyer.

Make your second home your main home.


With socially-distant everything—from school to work and beyond—many people have spent business days far from urban centers. That is to say; many wealthy folks have made their second homes their main residences. Whether that means business days at the lake or the beach, this has left many city dwellings without occupants. Of course, it has also meant that the top tier of society has enjoyed a great experience. In contrast, many others have been cooped up in their tiny apartments, which has received more than a little outcry—especially since it means financial devastation for big cities that count on hefty income taxes from high earners.

Live-in customer service is a plus.

When they’re not heading up the coast in a Lamborghini, the rich have enjoyed the company of their live-in staff. It’s like having a customer service department living with you, taking COVID-19 tests when you do, and generally staying safe for your pleasure. After all, you wouldn’t expect the truly wealthy to start doing their own laundry just because of a pesky pandemic, would you?

There are plenty of ways to show off your status in 2021. Think outside the box, and you’ll be receiving compliments on your diamond rings and exotic car before long.


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