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Bonus Buy Slots- All You Need to Know

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It is fascinating to know that there is nothing more fun than finally playing in the bonus round after playing on a nice slot. The reason is that anyone who loves online gambling knows that in the bonus round there is the most potential to win a lot. However, not every bonus round is easy to win. There is a great need to know that you are sometimes in the bonus or free spins in no time, sometimes it can take a long time. online casino platforms capitalize on this by offering Bonus Buy Slots. You can buy the bonus directly at these slot machines. That is considered as very useful if you do not want to wait for the bonus to fall.

There is a great need to know that it naturally costs more money in order to buy a bonus at once, it is all the more essential in order to play at a reliable casino. One of the most reliable online casinos is known as Cookie casino that is one of the safe and reliable online gambling platforms to be of paramount importance.

The Creation of Feature Buys

If you don’t want to wait for a bonus in order to land on the reels of your favorite online slot machine, there is no need to worry. Here is everything you have wondered about the bonus buy feature. Bear in mind that the modern bonus option was introduced to the world of online gaming in back in 2017 along with the release of the now wildly popular White Rabbit. There are numerous features of BTG slots that are called for increasing the bet in order to have twice the chance of a bonus.

How Bonus Buy Slots Work?

Well, it is quite simple. Bear in mind that it comes down to buying a bonus for a fixed amount, for example € 100, on a bet of € 1 per spins. When you have bought the bonus you can immediately enter the bonus round as well as you can play the free spins. Bear in mind that the higher the volatility, the more chance you have of a huge profit as well as nothing at all. Along with this, it is something to watch out for. The reason is that the money can run out very quickly. In some states, bonus buys slots have been banned by the Gambling Commission as early 2020. However, you can still play the slots there but no longer buy a bonus.

Tips Before You Get Started

It is essential to keep in mind that by and large, buying a bonus is the same with most games, but there are some typical things to keep in mind. The feature buy can find on Megaways slots. One of the significant aspects is that if you choose in order to activate the bonus buy option, you benefit from a higher RTP. It means that your chances of winning are higher as compared to standard gameplay.

Along with this, when it comes to buying the bonus feature, bonus buy slots stand out more than others. If you are going to buy a bonus in the popular BTG, there are chances to double or lose the free spins by gambling them. Moreover, NetEnt also went with a fairly expensive version in the very first feature buy slot Serengeti Kings. When we talk about online casino slots, a feature buy is more than a joy. It is a kind of shortcut that takes you directly to the bonus round.

Nowadays there are different bonus buys features on offer. However, depending on the game you choose you can get a better or worse deal. Bear in mind that it is a good idea to research different games as well as check what the terms are so you know that you are getting the best deal.


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