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Henry Rifles Dominate Top-Selling List April 

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The relationship between and provides useful data about the top-selling firearms. As members of the gun community select high-quality models, assembles a Top 5 list in a wide range of categories. provides this useful data to help platform users make informed decisions about getting a good value when buying quality firearms. April’s gun purchasing trends proved eye-opening.

The Cody Firearms Museum worked with to auction off a one-of-a-kind 125th Anniversary 1895 Winchester lever-action that ended on April 18. Hand-engraved and modeled after a rifle owned by author Zane Grey and another former Pres. Theodore Roosevelt gifted to a close friend in 1915, the final bid on topped $17,000. All the proceeds support the museum. That success was coupled with major shakeups on the Top 5 lists.

Lever-action rifles trended high during April, and community members had a preferred gunmaker in mind. Henry Repeating Arms secured all five positions, ranking the following first to fifth — Henry Repeating Arms Side Gate, Henry Repeating Arms Lever, Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy, Henry Repeating Arms X Model, and Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy. The Made in USA firearms company was founded in 1996 and takes its name from the inventor of the repeating rifle, Benjamin Tyler Henry. Lever-actions appear hot commodities on

Henry rifles also made some hay in the pump-action category, its Repeating Pump finished second behind the stylish .22 Rossi Gallery small game gun. Fashioned after throwback models from the 1890s, this plinking favorite jumped from number 6 last month into the top spot. In the single-shot rifle category, Keystone Crickett jumped past the Savage Rascal into number one, and the Connecticut Valley Arms Hunter and Scout earned their way into third and fourth. And yet again, we see a Henry Repeating Arms Single Shot on the list at five.

In the semi-auto and pump-action grouping, remained loyal to the Benelli M4 Tactical and Mossberg Maverick 88, respectively. Both enjoyed top honors month over month. Mossberg secured three-out-of-five of the pump-action spots with Florida-based KelTec KSG holding at third and Savage Arms 320 at number four. shotgun enthusiasts appear to increasingly favor Savage because its Arms 301 earned top marks in the single-shot club in April again. Lo and behold, Henry Repeating Arms Single Shot Shotgun made the Top 5 list also.

Although the Stoeger Coach Gun represents the immovable object of side-by-side shotguns, April saw new allegiances for over-and-under shotguns. Browning Citori and Weatherby Orion ranked number one and two after not making the cut in March. Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II held remained the semi-auto rifle of choice for another month. The Ruger American Rifle was the popular choice among bolt-action rifles, followed by the CZ-USA 457.

Although many of the pistol options remained static on the platform, some intriguing models appeared during April. The Sig Sauer P365 ranked among the most popular semi-autos on, but the eye-raising CZ-USA CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 squeaked on the list. The 9mm Luger home defense darling can handle a 20+1 mag with a 7.72-inch barrel at a slender 5.5 pounds. Among revolvers, the Heritage Arms Rough Rider appears to be the model of choice, and the once-dominant Colt Python dropped from number two to four. The awesome snake gun was overpowering in the analytics throughout 2020. Taurus Judge, Ruger Wrangler, and Colt King Cobra also ranked in the Top 5 during April.


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