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How to Install Floating Shelf Without Drilling

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You all must have experienced a lot of holes in your bedroom walls. When something goes up the wall it looks pretty nice but that’s not the case every time right?

We all have been there, sleeping next to a wall full of holes and nothing to hang.

These were childhood memories. These days are now past behind us. We do not have to drill into the wall now to install a floating shelf. Yes, you read it right. Floating shelf is now available to hang without possibly damaging your beautiful wall.

Before making a hole in the wall it is important for us to know that what the material is used to build the wall. It was such a hassle before to basically hang anything on the wall. First getting a drill machine, then pointing the correct marks on the wall and do not even get started on the mess it used to do on the bedroom floor. Well, this isn’t a problem now.

We can now easily stick anything floating shelf or anything you want on the wall without the hassle. Sounds great right! And don’t you think that because it sticks to the wall it is not durable. It is incredibly durable and will work better than the traditional floating shelf. Traditional beams offer you great floating shelf. It comes in great design and color and varies in prices too. In spite of all the factors, every floating shelf at traditional beam is amazing.

Now let us move on to the important topic which is how to install floating shelf without drilling-

As I mentioned earlier, no drill floating shelf might seem like a large task. But it is absolutely not. If you get the right guidance and help that you need you will complete the whole task within no time. Even if you are a beginner and have no clue what to do, you will still be able to install this elegant floating shelf all by yourself.

Let’s move on to the steps to install floating shelf without drilling-

Using Self-Adhesive Tape

You must be thinking is this writer joking? Well, apparently not my friend. It is one of the simplest ways to install a floating shelf.  This step includes of a few more steps which we will learn about later in this article.

Step 1- Firstly, we need to make sure that we buy a light weight and hollow material floating shelf. Nothing too heavy, because if you want to hang something heavy that will require nail clippers and hard materials such as oak and steel. However, you can use the self-adhesive caps to attach the light weight floating shelf and make your room feasible and amazing. These floating shelf are available on traditional beam.

Buy Scotch Tape

Scotch tapes are also highly used to hang a floating shelf. Although, you will need a scotch tape with high resistance which can withstand the capacity of the floating shelf. Be cautious though and do not put heavy items on the floating shelf.

So these are some ways to hang a floating shelf without drilling into your wall.

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