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How to Look for Premium Domains in Reduced Price – Easy Tips 

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It happens many times that you want to buy a premium domain name for your business but that name is already taken by someone else. In most cases, it is usually taken by a domain investor. Most likely that you have been thinking of an ideal plan to get that domain name for 80 bucks. However, it does not mean that you’re unable to bargain a reasonable cost for that premium domain. If you want to buy a .pk domain or any other premium domains at a reduced price, here are a few easy tips to follow:

Do Complete Research About the Domain Seller

Before you make a purchase, you need to research well about the seller. Does he have any previous history of selling domains? Does he have any website or social media links that might provide you an understanding of his viewpoints and suggestions? All this information about the seller will assist you in bargaining the right price. Consequently, you will be able to buy the domain name of your choice at a reduced price.

Properly Research About the Domain

The previous history of use can impact the valuation of domains. Therefore, it is essential to research completely about the domain. Luckily, you can research the past of any domain and know how it will affect your future. This is what you have to look at:

  • Was this domain sold already?
  • Was this domain ever employed for hosting a site or blog?
  • Does it have any drawbacks or a negative backlink profile?
  • Is it utilizing a branded name?

Think About the Alternative Domain Names

It might be possible that you think about an ideal domain, however, the seller would not like to sell. Therefore, you should think about the alternative domain names. Perhaps the plural form is similarly as acceptable of a domain name as the singular one. Perhaps there are a few brandable choices available that you must investigate. If you have multiple options for a domain name, you will be able to purchase the best one.

Look for the Social Media Profiles

Your domain name will be your trademarked business name. So, you have to make sure that future social media profiles are accessible. If you want to rapidly check the profile accessibility for your business and quickly hold handles from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, use It is most likely not a smart thought to purchase a brandable domain name if its matching social media profiles are taken previously.

Start with a Practical Offer First

In most cases, the consequences of throwing out a “low-ball” are:

1) You will distance the domain owner, thus ending your opportunity of purchasing the domain name

2) The dealer thinking about your guileless that is an offer for him to attempt to put one over on you.

Whichever way, the result won’t be ideal as far as your objective of getting a reasonable agreement. Though there is typically room for bargaining, your initial offer will make the seller feel that you are serious.

Try not to Bargain From “Various Points” Simultaneously 

Many people believe that it’s a smart approach to bargain from various points at the same time to get the reduced price. Notwithstanding, this approach works once in a while and will rapidly backfire. In most cases the seller will take different requests as increased interest and the cost will rise.

Safely Transfer the Money 

Try not to transfer money randomly to the seller after you agree to an affordable cost. You have to look for a safe transaction to prevent any malicious activity. To ensure you are secured:

  • Make use of a safe method, for example,
  • Make a written agreement with the seller. This purchase agreement will officially direct the particulars of the purchase made and secure both seller and buyer.

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