Wednesday, June 23

Light Weight Extreme Racing Game – Android

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Hi friends!! Today also I have another wonderful game for you to play in your leisure time. If you love to stay back of the steering wheels of a car which drives in a race then this is one of the most suitable game for you. You can have an amazing experience of racing your car in this game.

What is rally furry?

Rally Furry Android TV simply is a racing game where you can have real fun by playing this game whenever you feel bored. Only thing you have to do is to drive your car along your pathways through snow, dust, dirt and asphalt towards the victory. It really is an interesting game and also very easy to play.

Since this is a light weight game, it will work smoothly on many budget Android TV boxes like Mi TV Stick, Fire Stick lite and many more. You can use Clean Master application to free RAM and CPU workload to gain more performance if you want. You can easily install this app from Filelinked or using Aptoide TV.

How to play the game?

The only thing you have to do while driving your car is to tilt and touch your mobile screen to make it faster or to make some tricks. You can drive in super speed or you can drift along your path to overcome some challenges or can use the nitro boost technique also.

Anyhow you have to drive towards the victory by chasing other cars. If you can drive your car without damaging the guardrails then you can earn more points.

You can play this nice game only by yourselves. Then you have to fight against the AI in the game and then win. If you like to show more colors to the others then you can play it online. The online playing mode allows you to play with the other players from all around the game. I am pretty sure that playing in online mode will allow you to have more fun and thrill of racing.

What are the other features of the game?

The game really looks like a realistic racing game. The sounds and the graphics of the game truly resembles the real-world race.

There are many different types of vehicles that you can choose from. Each vehicle equipped with some unique characteristics. You can choose the car or the vehicle you need when you are proceeding up though the game.

When you play along the game while earning more points you can upgrade your favorite car with the features you want most. You can have super features like speeding your cars to a super level and total performance of the car also can enhanced through these upgrades.

If you want to change the appearance of the car by changing its color then room is there for that option too. You can customize your car as you want.

For wining your race, you can get the help of many features included in the game. the cameras will provide the best view from each and every side of the car making it very easy to drive forward.

You can install this game and enjoy for on any Android phone. If your phone does not have play store, you can use AC Market application.


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