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Rad 140 Overview

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Do you know what RAD140 is? RAD 140 is one kind of Testolone, which is used as a research compound. It is widely used as an effective medication for various types of cancers. Incredibly it is also used for bodybuilding to increase frequency. At the initial stage, it was treated for muscle-wasting in cancer patients. But it was not popular as bodybuilding medicine before the research has shown the effectiveness of its muscle building.

A clinical study indicates that RAD 140 is helping to quick and vigorous muscle growth in humans. Then many youths are taking RAD 140 as medication for bodybuilding incentives. Fortunately, many youths and adults can achieve 10-15 pounds of muscle from a single 8-12 weeks RAD 140 (Testolone) cycle. However, here you can get more information on rad140 for sale.

History of RAD 140:

RAD 140 is one kind of investigational selective androgen receptor modulator. These ingredients are known as SARMs. It is currently produced and improved by a medicinal company named Radius Health Inc. Testolone chemical name of RAD 140 was first invented and introduced in 2010. Due to limited research on it. It is still not widely accepted by scientists and scholars. But studies found that Testolone has provided better results for muscle-building than steroids.

It is also recognized as one of the most influential and compelling SARMS to date. Also, the researcher has found that it has fewer side effects on the body compared to steroids. The scientists were the first to test Testolone on humans in 2017. The result is impressive, but several elements of effectiveness have to take note and further research.

Pros And Cons Of Rad-140 For Bodybuilding Purposes:

Before we were starting details clinical description of rad 140 testolone, we want to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using RAD 140 for the realization of the effectiveness of it at your body for muscle building-


  • Helps quick achievement of Muscle density of a body
  • Have effective SARM for a Lean Bulk
  • Have no adverse Prostate side effects on the body
  • Help to accelerated Fat decrease
  • Minor Androgenic impact on the body


  • Have a negative effect on hair
  • Compressed Testosterone Levels
  • FDA has no provided its legality
  • Below than the average level of good HDL Cholesterol

How Rad 140 Works On The Body:

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RAD 140, acts like other SARMs, for example, Ostarine and Ligandrol. It works through binding with the body’s androgen receptors, signaling them to grow. RAD 140 was rapidly binding to skeletal muscle androgen receptors to help rapid and vigorous bodybuilding.

RAD 140 Benefits:

There are lots of benefits found by the researchers. In the case of building muscle, RAD 140 is one of the best SARMs. It provides your body a good and furnished look. RAD 140 helps in many ways on the body, such as rapid muscle growth, boosting body strength, increasing body mass, improving athletic performance, and accelerated fat loss. Fortunately, RAD 140 assists in both bulking of your body.

Result And Consequence Of Rad 140 On Your Body:

A result showed that a bodybuilder named Anthony reported his masculine improvement after taking RAD 140 within a 60 days cycle. He was taking 30mg of Testolone per day for 60 days or an eight-week circle. It would help if you considered that 30 mg of uptake of RAD 140 is a high dose. Actually, this dose is taken by bodybuilders whose physical condition is good.

Here is a sample of RAD 140 doses recommendation:

  • As beginner: 10 mg/day
  • As intermediate: 20mg/day
  • As Advanced: 30 mg/day

Scientists have revealed that uptake of 0.1 mg per Kg of RAD 140 uptake can help to improve body mass by more than 10% within 28 days.

Side Effects Of Rad 140:

Due to less research on RAD 140, we don’t know a lot about the side effects of RAD 140. It has no cause for your prostate to enlarge. But using it for the long term in bodybuilding may have some side effects.


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