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Rent to Buy or Buy to Rent How Buying an Excavator can Lead to Self-Employment as an Excavator Hire Company

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If you are a building contractor you probably know how essential excavators are.  As useful as they are, they tend to be more expensive and are more useful during points in the construction profess. It’s not just civil constructors who find these machines but the usual home owner doing some renovation will need a machine like this to move materials around.

Private construction; work can seem small but the tasks are usually much bigger and more varied than what an ordinary person would be aware of or knows about. An excavator can make your construction products easy and quick to finish, if you know your way around the machine and know the correct way to use it. If you are thinking of buying an excavator because your business needs one, you want to think about what would happen to that big machine during a dry spell.

How can you make money from your excavator when you are in between jobs? Choosing to rent an excavator during downtime can bring in an additional income stream. Here are ten jobs that excavators are in demand for.


Excavators are good at digging. Even if you are digging a small hole, the process will go quicker with a mini-excavator that it would with a good old-fashioned shovel. Be mindful of utility lines that run underground. When digging trenches, you will have to fill the hole back up with the topsoil and landscaping carefully so that the topsoil doesn’t cave in.

Deep Holes

There is a variety of reasons why an individual would want to dig a deep hole. You need to dig deep when building a house, or a fire pit or a swimming pool.

Landscaping and Tree Stump Removal

When you have to clear landscaping, there will always be bigger and heavier features that need to be moved like boulder and tree stumps or brush. An excavator can come in handy in such instances.

Demolition of Small Structures

Do you have a barn, shed or a wall that serves no real purpose? You want to raze to the ground?

Be that Sewer Repair Guy

Plumbers usually employ excavators to dig trenches to reach sewer lines that need repairing or lay new ones. Check the depth where the line is supposed to run so you can get the right equipment affix the right attachment to your excavator to do the work.

Pool Installations

Do you know a company that installs pools, hot tubs, or koi ponds and things like that? Most of these companies are small – too small to have a fleet of earthmoving equipment. Contact the ones in your area and strike up a working relationship with them so they know who to call when they need to do a project. Excavators can also make light work of digging trenches for irrigation systems. You will probably find the mini –excavators can do a better job than conventional excavators.

There are a great many uses for excavators. Some contractors have found that renting excavators out ensures their equipment is very helpful in the dry months and it boosts their income.


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