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Starting A Business As A Teen

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You are never too old to start a business, or in this case, too young. Starting a small business as a teen can be the best investment for the future. There are many options and ideas available to turn into lucrative business opportunities. This article will explore various teen business ideas suitable to start a small business to earn extra money or a business more suited to a long-term goal.   

Business Ideas for Teens

1. Tutoring

Tutoring after school can be done at the student’s or tutor’s home, and can be over a long-term (several semesters) or short-term (exam preparations) period.

Charging Fees: hourly rates can range between $20 to $40, depending on the subject and experience level.

2. Art Lessons

A level of artistic skill is required to give art lessons, but the demographic can be teens, adults, or seniors, and these can be done from home.

Charging Fees: Private lessons can range between $40 to $100 and group lessons between $20 to $50 per student. These will  depend on the experience level, lesson length, and if it’s for a group or individual.

3. Music Lessons

Skills in a musical instrument and being able to teach practical and theory to students will be needed. Start-up costs will be minimal as students can be taught in their or the tutor’s home.

Charging Fees: Lessons can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, priced between $30 to $60 an hour. The total income will depend on how many hours are taught per week or per month.

4. Gift-wrapping

Start-up costs will include setting up a wrapping station and buying necessary wrapping papers and accessories. The demographic will be diverse if the wrapping station is in a shopping center, it can also be tailored to special events like weddings or birthdays.

Charging Fees: Prices may vary depending on the size of the gifts and type of event, for example, one gift can cost up to $10.

5. Social Media Marketing

The target market can range from individual to corporate clients and a smart device is the primary necessity with an understanding of the principles of online marketing.

Charging Fees:  Charges can be per campaign, number of posts (charged up to $10 per post), per hour (ranging between $50 to $75), or commission-based for a beginner.

6. Freelance Writing

A proficient understanding of the English language and writing skills are required. Start-up costs will involve a computer and wireless connection. Clients can be individuals, companies, newspapers, or magazines.

Charging Fees: Chargers can range from per word or per hour depending on experience level and the client’s budget.

7. Graphic Design

Skills will range from creating digital art or branding images for clients. The demographic can range from companies to individuals.

Charging Fees: Prices can go up to $75 per hour depending on the level of experience and the type of project.

8. Photography

A proficient understanding of photographic principles will be required to start as a photographer, which will be learned from experience. For a beginner, a smartphone with a camera is a good starting point.

Charing Fees: For hourly rates, prices can go up to $75, this depends on the type of event, level of experience, and client-base.

9. Pet-sitting

Teens who love animals can earn additional income from pet-sitting, this can start for neighbours and grow by word of mouth.

Charging Fees: Fees may vary between day-sitting, costing up to $40 per day, or overnight stays, costing up to $70 per night.

10. Lawn Care

A level of physical fitness is required to manage a lawn care business, however it can provide fundamental skills about business. This can start by tending to neighbours’ lawns and develop by word of mouth.

Charging Fees: Fees can range from hourly, usually $10, to monthly, usually up to $25, rates.


Visit TRUiC’s extensive resources for more good business ideas for teens and step-by-step guides on how to start.


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