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Study Chair Design Vs Comfort – How To Choose The Ideal One For A Back-Pain Free Life!

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If you are the average office-goer you would be spending about 40 hours every week bound to your office chair. That is approximately 1900 hours in a year. So most of your life is spent in an office. Surprised! Yes, most of you are spending this huge amount of time on an office chair. But yet the desk is given more preference than a chair. It makes more sense to buy a study chair that is comfortable and ergonomic so that you have a back pain-free life. Read below to learn how to choose that ideal chair for your office work:

Importance of a Good Study Chair

If you are a business owner or somebody who is setting up a home office, it is essential to know the importance of having a good office chair. Research shows that employees who are happy are more productive and to make the work environment better, having an office chair that is comfortable is important. Some of the other reasons to have a good study chair are:

  • Improves posture: Long hours of sitting, slouching in front of the laptop leads to incorrect posture. To address this issue, study chairs have an ergonomic design when compared to normal chairs that prevent incorrect posture. Incorrect posture leads to pain in the neck, shoulder, hips, and back.
  • Boosts productivity: The right office chair can improve productivity as it is ergonomically designed and provides comfort. This prevents frequent breaks and improves productivity.
  • Reduces pain: Lower back pain is one of the most common issues among office goers. That is because of the design flaw of traditional chairs. But using a study chair design that promotes relaxation and alleviates pressure on pain points like the back, hips, etc.
  • Promote comfort: There are many studies which show that more than 80% of the employees complain about the discomfort caused due to chairs. One way to reward your employees and also to show that health is a priority is by investing in a comfortable and well-designed office chair.

Features to look for in a Study Chair

You may not be an expert when it comes to picking a study chair but that does not mean you should settle for just about anything. Here are some of the most important features to look for to ensure there is no pain or any pain that you have is reduced.


The foremost thing to consider when it comes to picking a chair is to ensure that it provides support, comfort, and good posture. Not all chairs provide the same kind of support some are good with:

  • Neck support: These are chairs that have a headrest. So when you sit back, there is support for your neck and shoulders. It helps to reduce stiffness and muscle tension in the upper body by providing optimal support to the head.
  • Back support: These are chairs that offer support to the spine from the top of the back to the lower lumbar region. This type of chair provides back pain relief by realigning the spinal curvature or maintaining the natural spinal alignment. It is also ideal for people who sit for long hours of time hunching or slouching over.
  • Hip support: Chairs that have a cushioned bottom with the lower back fitting the back of the chair offer optimal support to the hips. Also, the knees and the hips should be aligned so that there are no pressure points created in that region.

Look for a chair that offers not just one but all; neck, back, and hip support. Wakefit has chairs that offer optimal support and promotes proper posture.

Easy Transfer

The study chair design should be such that it is easy to get in and out of it especially if it is being used by the disabled or the elderly. Other things to consider are the seat height and depth, arm support, and positioning. By having all these features one can easily get out of the chair without needing help.

Size of the Chair

Another important factor to consider is the size of the chair. Some chairs are not right for some due to the height of the chair, the base size, etc. So it is necessary to look for chairs that suit your size and needs. The seating should be such that it offers complete support to the body and the best possible fit from head to toe.


All the office or study chairs that are available these days are of arm and height-adjustable but these are not the only adjustments that one should look for. The study chairs have as many as 14 different types of adjustments and a minimum of 5. Some of the adjustments to look for are lumbar, arm width and height, back angle, etc. Most of the controls are done through a handheld pump.


  • Wheelbase: Most chairs have a wheelbase but there are some that do not have wheels. The main advantage of having a wheelbase is that the chair can be moved easily to reach for things on the desk. That prevents any strain that is caused due to reaching across a desk. Check the casters are ideal for the flooring type in your office or home office.
  • Swivel base: Most of the office chairs are designed to have swivel chairs so that there is easy access to the desk. If the swivel is not good then it can cause fatigue to the arm due to overstretching.


The fabric of the chair is an important consideration as it provides the needed comfort. It should be breathable so that the chair circulates air and does not become too hot or uncomfortable after sitting for long hours. Also, the chair should have enough cushion support so that the person who sits on it does not feel the base of the chair and hurt the bottom.


Look for a chair that is of high quality and is both comfortable and practical. The fabric should be of good quality so that it provides comfort, the wheelbase should be easily rollable, the swivel base works properly and the adjustments are easy to make and is durable.

A comfortable ergonomic chair that is functional and practical does not mean that it does not look elegant. Ergonomic chairs that are available come in a range of fabrics and designs, so choose the one that is ideal for you. Whether it is a chair for addressing back pain or preventing it, study chair design supports both. Consider all the above-mentioned factors into account while buying a chair so that you get the ideal chair for a back pain-free life.


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