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Tips To Keep Your Household Bills Low

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Now, more than ever, people are conscious of how much money they are spending, and making sure that we are saving money where possible – and rightly so! The first place that you can start saving money is at home, by making sure you are keeping your household bills low. This is true for your energy bills, water bills and things such as broadband, so we are going to guide you through some tips to keep your bills low!

Energy Bills

Energy bills are a large part of what you pay for in your home, so we are going to take you through some of the things that you can do to reduce your energy bills and save some cash.

New boiler or boiler repairs

Ensuring that your boiler is running efficiently is one of the key factors to keeping your energy bills low. You can do so by maintaining and repairing your boiler if it has any issues or alternatively, having a new boiler installed. Sometimes repairs will suffice, however, in the long run, it is often more cost-effective to pay for a new boiler. Some suppliers such as BOXT can provide you with a new boiler installation the following day, so it is definitely worth doing, if you can front the cost of the new boiler.

Switch providers

This may not be something that you have considered if you have always used the same energy provider, but shopping around may be able get you a better price. You may have to own your property to be able to choose your energy supplier, but it is certainly worth using comparison sites to find out if you’re eligible for a better deal. Switching is fairly easy and could end up saving you a lot of money!

Upgrade to more efficient appliances

Using more energy efficient appliances in your home will of course mean that you are saving on your energy bills. However, we do understand that you can’t just change all of your appliances, as this seems counterintuitive when talking about saving money. But, when it is time to replace an old appliance, making sure that the one that you buy in place of it is more energy efficient, is a handy way to shave some money off of your energy bills.

Draught proof your home

When you have a cold draught in your home, you are allowing heat to escape, which means your heating has to work harder to keep your home heated. This in turn, causes you energy bills to rise, so draught proofing your home is a good way to keep your bills down. You can do so using draught excluders, or purchasing a draught proofing kit. You can also do things like seal cracks in floorboards and skirting boards or line your letter box. There are many ways to draught proof your home, so with a bit of extra research, you can bring your energy bills down.

Water Bills

As well as saving money on your energy bills, you can also line your pockets more by being conscious of your use of water. Reducing your water bill can be fairly easy, with some simple things to action to allow you to reduce how much you pay each month.

Washing Machine

Only using your washing machine when you have a full load of washing is one way to reduce your water bill. This is due to the fact that it means you will be using the washing machine less frequently, thus saving the amount of water that it uses. This is often easier said than done, as we all know that some people wear multiple outfits per day and require quick washing, but if you can save up a washing pile, you can save some cash!

Store water in the fridge

This is something you have probably never thought about, but everytime you run the tap and wait for it to get cold, you are wasting the water down the sink. This is easily avoidable, simply by filling up a jug or water bottles and storing them in the fridge. Keep doing this and you will always have cold water, without having to waste water as you wait for it to get cold.

Reduce shower time

This is a fairly obvious point, but something that a lot of people overlook as they enjoy the luxury of a long relaxing shower. However, if you reduce your time in the shower, you will of course save money on your water bills. It may be wise to have short showers some times and longer showers sometimes, so you are saving some money, but not completely restricting yourself from the finer things in life, try and strike a good balance.

Other bills

Finally, after you have worked to reduce your energy and water bills, we will briefly look at some ways you can save money on other bills.

Phone bill

Phone bills are often an expensive commodity these days, and something that you can actually reduce if you take the time to do the research and shop around. If you are using an expensive phone contract with loads of data that you do not use, look at cheaper options with less data and you may be able to instantly save yourself money on your phone bill. Use comparison sites or call your current provider and ask what deals they can do for you and the likelihood is you will be able to cut back on your phone bill in some way.


Similarly to your phone bill, broadband is an expensive cost, but it is something that is often negotiable and you may be able to get a better deal on. As we mentioned with your phone bill, it is worth calling your broadband provider and asking what deals they can do for you, as you will often find that they are able to get you something cheaper, which of course will reduce your bills. This is not guaranteed, but it is always worth a try!

Now you are loaded with ideas to reduce your bills, you can begin to implement these and see how much money you can save per month!


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