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What Does The Future Hold For Slots?

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The technological advancement in the world is on an exponential curve, with slots being no exception. Slots are becoming more innovative by the day with the introduction of new features and perks. We can see that these endeavours from slot developers are successful as slots are becoming more and more popular – play White Wizard. What can we expect to see in the world of slots in the near future? Can we predict what is to come? There are some indications of what the future holds for slots. We discuss these signs and the latest news on slots in this article.

Exciting Games On The Horizon

2021 will see many new and fresh games released out into the market! Developers have learned a lot through 2020 which has been the most successful year for online gambling so far. We are sure to see some fantastic slots reaching us soon!

One of them is Reel Desire by Yggdrasil, reaching us on 25th of February. The disco themed slot will take you back to the wild nights of the 70s and 80s with neon lights and disco hairstyles! The game has superb sound design to reflect the disco theme and a number of features. You can expect multiple free spins modes, double wild symbols with a 2x multiplier and a chance to respin and a competitive RTP of 96%.

Another great upcoming game from Yggdrasil and ReelPlay studio is Eldorado Infinity Reels, set for release on the 4th of March. The game is set in the Aztec Empire era, where cities of gold flourished, and treasures are plenty. The game features Infinity Reels, where each spin has a chance for an additional reel + multiplier to be added, making up for new winning combinations. The game has free spins and a jackpot, as well as a bonus round with 3 possible outcomes: store your winnings, gamble them or play on. The player will be able to win up to x6250 times the bet with 250’000 being the maximum prize. This game has it all – innovation, high RTP of 96.51% – 96.54% , attractive design and a number of features!

Changes in Law, Rules and Regulations for Slots

2021 is also the year when the new Gambling Act comes into motion. Set to take effect on the 31st October, the new set of rules affects slots in several ways.

For example, people under 18 will no longer be allowed to play category D land-based slot machines. This has been a long time coming as many argued against this practice of children playing slots.

What is more, we will see the end of the autoplay feature both in land-based and online slots. The UK Gambling commission argues that autoplay feature encourages mindless spending and is too fast a way to lose money. There will be a gap of at least 2.5 seconds in between spins in the updated slots.

Finally, we know that the maximum bet in online slots will be dramatically decreased. We can expect to see bets like £50 scrapped completely. It is not yet known what the acceptable margin will be, but we will see soon enough!

Some developers like Yggdrasil have let us know of their new and coming very soon games, while others are keeping it quiet and building the suspense. 2021 will be a great year for slots and we are sure to see a difference. As we await to see what the future brings, we want to wish you happy gaming and massive wins!


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