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What is an Email Verification and How to Check Whether an Email is Valid?

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Almost all online stores collect customers’ personal data, while regular retailers ignore this opportunity. It’s easy to make sure that an online marketing campaign is the right decision.

Keeping in touch with customers is becoming more and more difficult. The imposition of restrictions is only part of the problem. The provision of useful information and the email verification will be an easy way out of this situation. Connect with your target audience without face-to-face contact and maintain interest in the company’s services.

Why Do You Need Email Validation?

Creating a personal database of contacts is the right solution that will allow you to communicate with the target audience at any time. Send emails to the specified addresses and receive in the end an increased conversion. In reality, however, it’s a little more complicated, because the company will need to conduct data verification.

Buyer information can get out of date, which means it doesn’t make sense to spend budget on a mailing list. It is possible to save money and get information about the status of the recipient’s mailbox by checking emails. Rejecting the use of tools will negatively affect your position and will lead to:

  • blocking your mailbox;
  • low emails open rate;
  • excessive spending from the budget;
  • addition to the list of spam senders;
  • increasing hard letter returns.

It will be needed to conduct email address checks at least once a month. This work will save money on mailing lists. To avoid wasting time and money in vain, it is worth using modern technologies. The benefit obtained by checking becomes the reason for the growth of the brand popularity.

When it comes to verifying a database obtained from a third party, it is definitely not worth refusing to check. The point is that user contacts are more likely to be invalid or irrelevant. Marketers recommend creating the database personally.

There is no way to get contacts and do not use an email verifier. Despite the fact that the database will be collected by you, you cannot exclude the risk that the addresses will be incorrect. Study the list of contacts and make sure that all the clients will receive your promotional email.

Online Email Verifier | MMSW

How to Check Email Address?

Checking the contact list is an essential step in launching a new advertising campaign. You can make sure that it’s worth analyzing the data as soon as you get the results. An increased efficiency and a higher open rate have a positive effect on business activities.

Running an email availability check is easy enough, because it is only necessary to use proven tools. It’s easy to choose the preferred option, because with the help of different functionalities it will be possible to check and confirm the relevance of the data.

It takes some time to verify email addresses from a database. The procedure allows to clear the contact list of irrelevant data and ensure that emails are delivered to the recipient. Examining the contact list is the first step toward an effective promotion.

After starting it is possible to check:

  • the presence of errors in mail addresses;
  • domain availability;
  • compliance with MTA and SMTP protocols.

The provision of the list of recipients who don’t open or don’t receive emails will clean up the database and will allow the use of verified information. Any discrepancies will be identified to increase the effectiveness of the mailing list. Verify email addresses and make sure that all of your customers are receiving the important information.

A regular check of the contact base will minimize the risks, avoid being blacklisted and reduce the number of hard returns. Before creating a mailing list, it’s better to check the information you have than to deal with the consequences of a bad decision.


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