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What Is Esports and Why Is It So Popular Today?

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In recent years, esports has gained momentum and gained recognition throughout the world. While the IOC is considering whether to include Dota 2 and Counter Strike competitions in the Olympics program, ordinary users are eagerly following the events development in the online games world, as evidenced by the lootbet forecasts for esports as well, noted Darren Keane, Shangri La.

What are online computer game tournaments?

Online games were first mentioned several decades ago. Then the legendary World of Warcraft and Counter Strike had just begun to develop on the Internet. Users from different cities and even countries could compete against each other online to determine which of them will do better.

After a while, the popular games creators came up with an amazing idea. They decided to make the online competition a team competition and assign prizes to the winners. Thanks to this, the first esports tournaments appeared. The opportunity to win a round sum and prove to everyone their skills so interested fans of virtual worlds that electronic competitions soon went international and began to attract the attention of users from different continents.

The secret to the esports popularity

Determining why DOTA 2 or CS: GO became so popular is easy. In these games everyone can try their hand, regardless of gender, age and physical form. Also, esports has become popular among today’s viewers for several reasons.

Entertainment. Each tournament is a stunning and vibrant event with many famous guests.

Availability. Even during the pandemic, broadcasts of esports events were easy to find on the Internet.

Big prizes. Most of the esports disciplines take place, including in the amateur league called Minor. Many gamers want to take risks to get monetary rewards or useful skills and items for their character, said Michael Boettcher, Storm International.

Since the Internet plays a huge role in the modern world, it is not surprising that esports quickly spread around the world. Experts say that new games and directions will soon appear in it.

Professional competitions are not held for all computer games. Mainly in esports, those games are involved, in order to win in which the participants must show specific skills – team tactics or reaction speed.

Strategies and shooters are best suited for esports competitions. Most of these games support multiplayer mode. Athletes can form teams and train. Success in strategies and shooters depends on the level of esports players training: the individual players’ skills and teamwork.

Strategy is a computer games genre. To win the strategy, players must develop tactics and plan further actions.

Most played esports games

Everybody knows Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends. Competitions for these games attract the largest viewership and attract many sponsors. And all modern online bookmakers already accept bets on esports, said Darren Keane, Shangri La.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer computer game that combines the genres of strategy and MOBA. Development of the game began in 2009 and lasted four years. Dota 2 was released in 2013 and has become one of the most popular online games. In the same year, PC Gamer magazine recognized Dota 2 as the game of the year and esports discipline of the year.

Dota 2 matches are played by two teams of five. Each esports athlete controls his own game character. To win, the team must destroy the enemy fortress.

CS: GO is a shooter that appeared in 2012. It is a continuation of the Counter-Strike games series that have been released since 2000. A CS: GO match is played by two teams of five. The fight consists of several rounds. One of the teams plays the role of “terrorists”, the other – “special forces”. The team that killed all opponents or completed a special task wins the round. Tasks differ for “terrorists” and “special forces” and depend on the game location.

LoL is a computer multiplayer game that combines the genres of strategy and MOBA. LoL was released in 2009. LoL is similar to Dota 2 in mechanics. The game is played by two teams of five people. The winner is the one who destroyed the enemy’s fortress. LoL and Dota 2 differ in interface features and characters.

In 2019, the LoL World Cup became the most popular esports tournament. 3.9 million people watched the online broadcast of the competition semi-finals – the best indicator for all disciplines.

Esports tournaments are held in two formats – online and offline. As a part of online tournaments, esports athletes play matches over the Internet. Meetings can only be monitored using online broadcasts. In offline tournaments, teams are in one place. Some of the spectators are at the stadium together with the teams: they follow the fights progress on large screens installed in the arena, and live watch the athletes’ actions. Fans who missed the stadium can watch the match online and make bets.

The largest esports tournaments are called majors. They have the largest prize pools and attract massive viewership. Within the framework of the majors, Dota 2 and CS: GO competitions are held. The biggest LoL tournaments are called World Championships.


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