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4 Quick And Easy Ways To Convert An Excel To Pdf

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Excel files are one of the most common files nowadays. They are very useful for keeping track of progress for projects, work or school-related things, and so much more. It’s easy to organize numbers and data and get formulas and functions from Excel, which is why many people favor this file type. It’s handy, and you’ll get accurate calculations, as long as you also put in the correct computation or coding. However, in case you need to send an Excel file to a classmate, colleague, or supervisor, and you can’t send them the raw file because you shouldn’t edit it? Or maybe, you have to keep a back-up of the Excel file in PDF? Well, fret not, because, in this article, we’ll teach you easy ways on how you can convert Excel to PDF. So keep reading to find out more!

Why save and send in PDF, anyway?

But before we dive into how you can easily convert your Excel file to PDF, let’s first know the reasons most people prefer using PDFs. First, PDF files are the most accessible and versatile format around. You can open or access this file type on any electronic device, may it be your computer, smartphone, or tablet. There’s no need to download any additional app or software to access PDFs, so once you download it, you can open it directly. Next, this file type doesn’t change its formatting, regardless of the device you use. It’s also not picky with operating systems. Unlike raw files (like Excel, PowerPoint, or Docx) PDFs will retain their formatting or overall look when sent or received. In the long run, you’ll also get to save a lot more disk space, because it has a smaller file size compared to other raw formats.

Converting Excel to PDF

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of the uses of Excel files and the reasons PDFs are the best file type around, let’s get into conversion methods. Here, we have listed down four ways you can convert your Excel files to PDF.

1. Using Free Conversion Online

Two of the best online converter tools out there are GogoPDF and PDFBear. These converters are SaaS or software as a service tool that can convert any raw document to PDF in a matter of seconds. Their websites are nicely laid out, so you can easily navigate through their features without getting lost. Access is easy for these websites, too. Use your computer, laptop, or smartphone, and upload the Excel file to their website. (Just make sure you’re connected to the internet!) Then, convert the file to PDF. Afterward, you can just download the newly converted file to your device. Send or share the file with anyone, or use the file link. It’s as quick and easy as that!

2. Windows

Now, if you’re using Windows, all you need to do is open the Excel file on the Microsoft Excel Office application. Then, click on the “File” tab and select “Save As…” From the drop-down menu, select “Portable Document Format” or PDF, then click “Save.” You can choose the location of the file and rename it according to your liking. Now, you have your Excel file in PDF!

3. Mac

Saving an Excel file to PDF on a Mac has a slightly similar procedure to Windows. But this time, you can use the default Mac application for Excel files, and this is called “Numbers.” Similar to the steps we mentioned above, just open the Excel file using the Numbers application, then click the “File” tab. Select “Save As…” and from the drop-down menu, click PDF or “Portable Document Format.” Choose the file folder location and rename the file according to your liking to find it easily.

4. Download Software

There is so much software out there for Excel to PDF conversions, and document or file conversions in general. These software or applications are great if you deal with a lot of documents or files. Search for “Excel to PDF software download” on your browser and you’ll find tons of options. Just make sure you’re downloading from a reputable site and your antivirus is working to avoid any risks. The procedure for this software will be similar to the first method we’ve mentioned.

Try them out!

And there you have it four quick and easy ways to convert Excel to PDF. Try any of them for yourself and make things easier for you and your recipients. We hope this article helps you out!


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