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How Merging Your Pdf Files Makes Archiving Easier

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Are your files scattered all over your computer? If that is the existing issue, then you need to merge them all into one file. This makes looking or distributing these files efficient. They will also free up your computer from clutter. Did you know that PDF files are more secure than MS Word files? PDF files can never be altered. They will retain their format as accurately as the source. That is why learning to merge PDF files is an integral part of your skill as an online worker. This task will save you time and will help boost your productivity.

Merge PDF Files with GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a lightweight online converter tool that you can use to merge PDF files. It does not rely on your computer RAM or processing speed. Many tools need to be downloaded to your computer to work. Note that the problem with these tools is that they will make your already slow computer go slower. Having a converter tool like the GogoPDF makes working with tasks such a breeze. You can work on multiple tasks, and your computer will only need to deal with your browser. So, you can open various browsers and optimize your productivity. Merging your files with GogoPDF is easy and will only take seconds to a few minutes, which really depends on the number of tasks you are doing.

Merging your files is also a great way to locate your files. Imagine having multiple folders. Sorting through those folders can waste your time. There is also a great possibility/instances where you might delete some folders by accident. Merging them using GogoPDF will make it easy for you to look for those vital files. Another advantage of merging those files is that it makes it easy for you to share them. You can compile these scattered files into a single book. You can browse through this book and send the documents you need to share.

The Steps: How To Merge PDF Files

You need to direct your browser to the official GogoPDF site.

  • Drag or drop all the existing PDF files that you need to merge.
  • Choose merge PDF to combine all these files. The tool site will give you an option to view and rearrange all your pdf files.
  • You click merge so your files will become a single file.
  • With GogoPDF, you can then download the file to your computer so you can share or store it.

Remember that there are two versions of the GogoPDF. There is a free version that can do this task. There’s the pro version that can do more.

Archive Your Files On The Cloud

People don’t realize that when they switch to GogoPDF pro, they get many advantages. You now have a chance to store your combined files in the PDF cloud. This will serve as your backup if your computer gets into trouble and accidentally wipes out all your essential documents. Having a backup will free you from the downside of technology. This will give you peace of mind and will also increase your productivity.

GogoPDF Pro: Enjoy Unlimited Uploads and Downloads

Getting the pro version of GogoPDF allows you to have unlimited uploads and downloads. When you are working on corporate files, then the volume is the essence. When time is essential, then you need to multitask. The pro version allows you to upload as many files as you want at the same time. You can also download your existing files. Another best feature of the pro version is its capacity to accommodate any file size. So, there are times when you will be working in bulk. Having the pro version allows you the capability to work on big files.

Security Advantage

The pro version has dedicated customer support. A real human being will work with you when you need help with your files. This is a huge relief, especially when you are working on corporate files. Another great thing about the pro version is its encryption of data.

Final Thoughts

So, here, all your stored files are encrypted, preventing other people or malware from deleting them. Thus, this is important in a world where there is always the risk of security. If you are one of those who are using an older computer, you need to get the pro version to create a backup of your existing files.


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