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5 Website Design Best Practices

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Not a lot of startup owners are aware, but they have the chance to edge out the rest of the competition due to the potential of a fantastic start. While many larger companies have already been tried and tested, most people have a habit of going for the underdog — and a new company that gets a great head start can often steal the thunder away from industry veterans.

That said, it is crucial to optimize various business practices to ensure that things go smoothly. One such practice would be web design, which is at the foundation of just about every digital marketing strategy. After all, even if a company were to attract users, if the website is an over-complicated mess, almost all of the traffic will fail to convert to leads and revenue. At this point, the help of Oklahoma City web design professionals is practically mandatory.

For those who want to learn more about what goes into web design and how best to turn it into profit, here are just five website design best-practice methods.

Simplicity is the Keyword When It Comes to Web Optimization

As far as web design goes, there is one golden rule to follow above all else — simplicity is the key to success. For example, online users that click on a link to take them to the primary website are not there to go sightseeing. For the most part, they are there because they are interested in availing products and services. If the website is not geared toward simplicity, most people will leave before they get a chance to look at the products. Keep things simple, and everything else will follow.

A Good Headline Can Help Keep the Bounce Rate Low

A high bounce rate means that a majority of online users that visit the website end up leaving before clicking anything else. A high bounce rate means that the main page is not optimized for the rest of the site. Typically, it can mean that the online user made a mistake clicking the link, or they did not find what they wanted. To help keep the ones that are actually looking for the company’s products, it would be a good idea to place a succinct header that explains the goal of the business without being a wall of text.

Content is King!

Any website that intends to wow online users will benefit greatly from relevant and unique blogs and articles. Content marketing is one of the best ways to get the attention of online users, and the articles can also be used as backlinks to spread the word. The help of Oklahoma City web design with building backlinks is also recommended.

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Making Waves

The idea of technical SEO is to provide changes that can benefit a website’s infrastructure. It might not be immediately noticeable, but a site that uses technical SEO will be easier for the Google search algorithm to index and rank. It helps that technical SEO is not necessarily so much an aesthetic change as it is a change of foundation — making it the perfect platform for all other strategies.

Avoid too Much Inspiration When Building a Website

While the help of professionals can undoubtedly make things easier, the fact of the matter is that the specialists still follow the instructions of the client. If the company’s instructions involve over-complicated and inspired web design, it will make for a niche website that can attract a certain group of people — however, the site will also be quite inefficient at everything else. Keep in mind that simplicity is the golden rule, and too much inspiration is a bad thing for any company that intends to use their website as a platform for products and services.

In such cases, the best thing to do would be to ask the advice of specialists such those from reputable Oklahoma City web design agencies about what to place on the website. While the answers might change depending on the company goals, it still provides an opportunity for the trained specialists with years of experience under their belts to show their true potential.

Without a doubt, web design is crucial for any business that intends to experience any kind of success in the new year. 2020 turned the business sector upside-down, and 2021 is looking to develop a new normal despite the chaotic business landscape. With most things pointing toward the online space, proper web optimization is necessary to spread the word and gain support among the company’s target audience.


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