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How I Got My Nintendo Switch on a Payment Plan with Bad Credit?

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It sucks to be the one who is always lagging behind on technology but you don’t need to be this person anymore. I was always the person who waited to buy gaming systems because of the cost, listening to my friend’s brag about their newest video games while pretending I wasn’t interested when really I just couldn’t afford it. I would wait a few years and buy them when the price went down, but by then my friends were on the next thing. Because of this, I was always several years behind my peers in technology. They all had Play station 4 game consoles while I was gaming on the XBOX 360. I could never afford the newer systems because my job didn’t pay a lot, and I was also in school (college students are always breaking).

So the other week I was browsing Facebook and I got an advertisement for this website where you can rent to own a new Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing and they don’t even do a credit check. They got me a payment plan where I’m now paying only $17/week instead of $400 upfront, but I was able to pick up the console the same day with no down payment. I wish I had known about this sooner but I’m glad I know that there’s options even for people with bad credit like me.

Introduction to Animal Crossing

So I’m at a friend’s house watching him play Animal Crossing on his Nintendo Switch and the game was awesome. My friend has a lot of games and equipment and I assumed that his parents must have bought it for him, but I found out that this was not true. He had bought it on a rent to own agreement through RTB Shopper too.

I was curious about this and asked him how he did it. He was a student like me, so if he could get one, maybe I could too. He showed me the RTBShopper website and I got to work looking for a Nintendo Switch. I found the same one that he got with the Animal Crossing bundle priced at $419.

How it Works

You can order whatever you want from the website and when you click continue to checkout, you will see options for a lease agreement and a sign that says “get started today for $50.” You fill out the lease information and click apply. You will get an instant decision based on several factors from your credit file, but you do not have to have a minimum credit score and you are not required to make a down payment. The $50 is an administrative processing fee and you are only charged if you are approved. You will be responsible for making 20 weekly or 4 monthly payments, whichever you prefer, until the balance is paid in full.

Once you are approved you will be asked to pay the processing fee and electronically sign your lease agreement. The orders are fulfilled by Best Buy stores, so if you have one close to where you live you can pick up your merchandise the same day or have it shipped to your house. Everything is done online and it was so easy.

I was approved for $1,500 worth of merchandise and got my Nintendo Switch with the Animal Crossing bundle. I am going to save the remaining “credit” I have left for another purchase later on. RTB Shopper opened a whole new world for me. No longer was I the girl who was always a year or two behind in technology. Now, I am gaming with my friends on the same system they play on and it’s great. I couldn’t be happier.

Benefits of Rent to Own Programs

  • No credit check
  • No upfront costs
  • No inquiries on your credit file
  • No long-term commitments
  • Payments go towards ownership

Instead of having to come up with a large down payment, you only have to pay a processing fee and agree to make 20 weekly payments due on the dates you specify as your paydays.  They work with you to make the system work. There is no waiting, no long credit decisions, and no qualifying. Just about anyone can qualify. There are a few things you will need to provide, but it is an easy process.

One advantage of rent to own is that consumers can get their items quickly, often the same day that they apply. Other benefits are low weekly or monthly payments and no credit check, which helps those with a poor credit history. Choose to pay by the month or by the week, whichever you prefer and on your schedule.

What is Required to Rent to Own

This is taken from the RTB Shopper website:

  • A valid social security number or ITIN
  • A valid credit or debit card.
  • A government-issued ID like a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.
  • To be over the age of 18.

Get Your Products

  • The same-day pickup is available as long as you have a Best Buy near you.
  • We’ll confirm the Best Buy store has your product(s) in stock or arrange to have it shipped to you.
  • You’ll receive an email when your product is ready for pick up or has shipped!

Rent to own is an affordable way to get the items you need and want without the embarrassment of being denied a poor credit score. If you don’t qualify for credit and have a low credit score, the rent to own option may be perfect for you.


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