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7 SEO Writing Tips Used By Experts

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Writing high quality content for your brand, business or blog is very important and is a way to portray to your readers what kind of value you are going to offer them. You want to make your content very good because you want it to be appreciated by your readers but you also want it to be discoverable, so you want it to rank high on Google. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in and basically works alongside with good content by doing your keyword research and optimizing your content to be more discoverable by search engines. Below you can find some tips that can help you achieve good SEO writing.

1. Keywords

Keywords are important if you want to get your content discovered. Doing your research and knowing which ones are the best match for your website and business can help search engines discover your content more easily. This is exactly why you should consider SEO Spyglass or the SEMRush keyword research tool.

At the same time you should always make sure that your content has a unique tone of voice and does not sound anything like the competition so your readers always know who you are.

There are many online tools that can help you find out if your keyword is a good fit for you, showing which content is popular and can make a good subject for an article or blog post. Try to choose the best topics-keywords and write something around that.

2. Fine Tune Your Headlines and Meta Descriptions

Grabbing the reader’s attention can be done with writing really great headlines. Writing a captivating title and meta description can really draw readers in and make them click through. Focus on your headline if you want to catch the reader’s interest but also build on that initial promise with good content.

Keep in mind that the structure of your writing is as important as your actual content and choosing the best headlines with the correct keywords will draw attention to your page and help your content rank higher. Search engines love structure so although you should always be authentic and have original content you need that content to be organized in such a way that facilitates visibility from search engines.

3. Bullet Points

A good practice is using bullet points to build a clear structure of your writing giving the reader enough information to create desire but not too much that would overwhelm them.

Bullet points and target keywords in bold are helpful to the reader as people are more likely to make a choice when choices are limited rather than confusing and endless. This helps your content drive more conversions and Google also pays extra attention to these conversions.

4. Clear Call to Action

“Call to action” means that you are asking your readers to make the next step and participate in something whether it’s a  product or service or you’re asking them to opt into your email list etc. Apart from a well structured and appealing article, if there is no clear call to action for your readers to act on then there is no chance to convert your readers into customers and create revenue for your business.

You need to have a clear call to action on your site/landing page so your readers can clearly understand what you have to offer making them more likely to become actual customers.

5. Compare Press Release Providers like PRWeb, PRNewswire and Sitetrail

Using a trustworthy press release distribution service can be useful if you are looking to cut costs and time in the content creation department. Especially if you are a small business and lack the respective expertise, hiring a press release provider can help you get quality content discovered by the most people possible including media outlets and journalists – ultimately giving your business the visibility it needs.

You can read more on Press Release Comparisons where the top distribution services are compared side by side. Do read reviews of PRWeb and Business Wire in order to gain the full picture – and consider using the best in-class press release platform Sitetrail to get the word out. In this comparison providers such as Sitetrail show you how they can offer the best of both worlds – authentic content writing and optimized press releases for SEO. Press Releases, if they have been created correctly by the right distributors can reach a very wide audience and benefit from earned media and can even be used as a shortcut to get into Forbes and Entrepreneur, saving thousands of dollars in conventional fees.

6. Develop Your Content Strategy

Apart from the obvious keyword research that needs to be done when writing SEO, it should not be used to stuff your page with meaningless keywords that don’t have the relative content attached that is needed to take your piece of writing to the next level. Content strategy needs quality content that is relative to the audience and resonates on a deeper level.

Make your content easier to read and digest, most readers are repulsed by big blocks of text, and if you have really great content but nobody can discover it because you are not ranking on google then your work is incomplete.

7. Credibility

Creating content that is credible is key to growing your audience and grabbing their attention so it’s important that you do proper research and check your facts. Nobody wants to be misinformed and spreading false facts can really do some damage to your brand. In addition to factual inaccuracies, grammatical errors and spelling errors definitely do not add to your credibility.


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