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Best Property Management Apps for Property Managers

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Property managers today always look for property management apps that can help them with daily activities and operations. These can be for assisting with meetings, property visits, and other responsibilities that can become painful for you as a property manager. One of the major interruptions that you might come across can be phone calls from tenants, get some repairs done as requested by your tenant via emails, or it can be a property inquiry that you can receive via email

If you do not manage all of these operations and other functions efficiently, your urgent tasks might get delayed and this is not good for business. One of the best ways to make sure that your business operations and other tasks get completed on a priority basis is to automate them. There can be no better option for you to automate your operations when it comes to property management than to use an app that can take care of your tasks and suits your needs and budget.

There are a lot of developments going on and new technology and gadgets are being introduced in the world. To get updates on the latest tech and gadgets, use Spectrum Silver channels by Spectrum cable TV. Enjoy the best offers and channels at affordable prices. Let’s have a look at a few apps that might be of some use to you.


This is one of the best tools which might not seem like a property management app to you, but it has become an important tool to manage your property. The app is useful if you are looking for a productive tool. Using the Mashboard and Mashvisor database, you will be able to identify the next property for your client and grow your business. You can identify the property that is ready to buy. This saves a lot of time that you might have to waste searching for properties. Also, the app will put properties that your client might want to buy.

Yardi Breeze

The software is ideal for small residential and commercial real estate and property owners. You don’t get a Yardi Breeze mobile app as the software itself has a mobile-friendly interface that makes it one of the useful tools for small and medium-size property businesses. The software provides support and helps property managers get done with property management marketing and leasing to accounting. It allows users to post and market rental properties in a fast and easy way. If you are a tenant, then the app can help you upload videos and pictures if they need property managers to help them using a maintenance request. If you want to make sure that your accounts are properly managed, you can use the software as a trusted accounting system that tracks your revenues and expenses and get accurate financial reports.


The app is a subsidiary of RealPage which is one of the cloud-based property management apps. The app provides users one of the best property management tools to make sure all the aspects of the property management cycle. This means that users can get support on processes like property management, payments, market your business, take care of your accounts and for your tenants as well. One of the best things about the app is that one can perform and manage property management operations so that you can keep a check for upcoming lease expirations, late payments, and other move-in and move-out processes.


This is one of the most convenient apps that you can use to manage your rental property that can work on your phone. You can manage your commercial, association, residential and other types of properties using Appfolio. This app is beneficial when it comes to handling tasks that might include leasing, marketing your services and properties, and getting done with maintenance activities. Also, the app gets you to stay in touch with your renters and property owners by staying online. You can share documents, accept online payments, maintain statements, and keep a check on maintenance requests.


This is a popular rental management app and is commonly used by property managers as a cloud-based software that takes care of some core property management tasks including leasing, accounting, and other operations. You can check the various information about tenants, their balances, and stores all the communication in a central location

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, many software and tools can help you manage your property. Using these apps is a better way and make sure that you do not miss out on any details regarding your property, the tenants, and other things that you might need to take care of regarding your property or your property management business.

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Best Property Management Apps for Property Managers


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