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Follow These Expert Design Tips To Make Better Logos

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Designing a logo for the first time isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t have an already established brand or business. A lot of businesses spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect logo, but then it ends up being something generic, unauthentic, and above all doesn’t resonate with both the brand or what the business is selling.

Logo design online platforms such as TRUiC ensures that young business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs can now make use of simple and easy-to-use logo maker tools. Additionally, these sort of tools and resources offer you a better understanding of how not to design a business logo, opting to be more focused on what the business stands for, and where the business might grow to.

Logos are the face of the brand

Many times, business owners will feel that the brand and logo go hand-in-hand, but this isn’t necessarily the case. As the face of the business and brand, you should ensure that your logo resonates with what your business is selling. It’s quite simple to understand, having a coffee cup as a logo, but not selling or providing a coffee-related service would seem a bit flawed.

Design with the customer in mind

Think of any major company and its logo. These logos were designed in such a way that it can attract and influence its target audience. When the powerhouse banking company, Mastercard changed its logo to something modern, they had their target audience in mind. Today, more millennials bank with Mastercard, and their logo is a sign of how the company has adapted to attract their biggest supporters.

Take a look at your competition

Take the time to do some research and see what your competition is doing. What are the steps they have taken to create and establish the perfect logo, analyze how their logo and brand are attracting a loyal customer basis while staying relevant?

Don’t over-design

Something a lot of logo designers, business owners, and brand specialists tend to do is over design a logo. If you take a look at Apple’s first logo, and how complex it was, it’s easy to see why the software giant quickly redesigned their logo. Always have simplicity in mind, as your logo will be used on not only a storefront window or display, but on multiple different items, products, websites, and social media channels.

Can it be used online?

Although the perfect logo might look great on paper or printed on your packaging ensure it’s compatible with social media channels and websites. Today, a lot of logos are designed to be easily recognized in a sea of online stores and webshops – and this is only going to get more important as the web is rapidly expanding.

Be personal and honest

Whatever your business may be, ensure that you add a personal and honest touch to both the logo and brand. Having a more personal aspect of it will make your business seem more approachable and customer-centric. Be honest in what you’re selling and keep with the core values of your business.

Authenticity in every step of the way

Take the time to research different design elements, especially if you’re looking to use different typefaces or fonts throughout your brand. Additionally, logos that are using typography should avoid using generic typefaces. More so, think of color, and design with that in mind, using simple Pantone colors and shading will also help you better understand what the final product will look like.

Think BIG

Design for the future of your business, especially if you’re considering expanding in the coming years. Think about what your business may look like in 10 years, and whether it will still be applicable while keeping up with market and buyer trends. Additionally, it’s important to have an idea of where this logo will be used. If you only have an online store, think digital in different formats. For printing, storefronts signs, and other similar products, consider using large-high-quality vector designs that can easily be reshaped.

Having the perfect logo is just as important as having a winning business idea, more so, understanding what a great logo can do for your business can really change the game.


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