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Who is Revolutionising the Eyewear Industry?

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About 74% of the United Kingdom population either wears corrective tools for optical defects or has had corrective laser surgery. This clearly reflects how essential of a commodity eyeglasses are. Just like we must own clothes to save us from changing weathers, or for fashion, we need eyeglasses to correct our vision and save us from UV rays and blue light. However, it’s wonderful to realise that most of us do not own more than one or two pairs of glasses. The only reason for this are the hiked prices of spectacles in the UK market. Consequently, people don’t perceive glasses as a fashion accessory and do not wish to invest in more than one or two pairs.

What Is the Average Price of Glasses in The Uk?

A good pair of regular glasses in the UK market, without a blue light coating, can cost anywhere between 80 to 250 pounds. These are very basic glasses just meant to correct the optical defects. If you wish to add protective coatings like anti-UV, anti-glare, anti-reflective and anti-blue light, you surely need to cut your pocket to have a pair in your hand. Though there are other cheap glasses options available for purchase, they poorly fail to provide any protection against UV and blue rays. And we have still not talked about fashionable spectacles because they simply fall out of the above mentioned price bracket.

Who is Specscart?

Specscart is a recent start-up in the UK that has completely revolutionized the eyewear industry in the state. While it is still in the process of building its brand, it had already gained thousands of happy, satisfied, and life-long customers.

Here are 8 reasons why Specscart is becoming everyone’s favourite store to buy the best eyeglasses in the UK:

User-Friendly Website Interface

You might have noticed one thing that is common in every renowned brand’s website – the excellent interface. A well-designed and user-friendly website reflects on the immense hard-work and resources that the brand has put in their quality.

Premium Quality of Products

Specscart proudly retails an outstanding quality when compared to the price at which it is provided. In addition to this, they also offer a one year corrosion-free warranty for the hinges of its frames.

Excellent and Thoughtful Collection

Round glasses, wayfarers, aviators, tinted transparent frames, metal rims, cat-eye glasses, oversized glasses, basic rectangular frames, geometrical frames, wooden rims, tortoiseshell, and so on, the brand has it all. You can visit the website for an exquisite collection of glasses, frames and sunglasses.

Affordable Prices

One thing that makes Specscart stand out is its super affordable price range. The brand provides an incredible range of regular glasses and blue light glasses starting from just 29 pounds, without compromising on the quality of the products produced.

Complementary Coatings

Another thing that makes people choose this brand over any other is the complementary coatings that it provides on the lenses that you purchase. While the free anti-UV and anti-glare coatings protect you against the sun’s rage, the anti-scratch and impact resistance layers help to prolong the shelf life of your purchased products.

Free Home Trial

Specscart prioritises customer satisfaction and convenience. For this reason, it provides a 7-day free home trial service so the customer gets enough time to decide if they want to purchase a frame. You can choose to receive up to four frames for a free home trial at your doorstep.

Rocket Delivery

If you live in the UK, you know that a pair of lenses can take 4 to 5 days to reach your doorstep. So, if unfortunately you end up breaking your pair, you will have to wait for 4 days until you can see clearly again. Specscart is known for its 24 hour dispatch service that lets you receive your glasses in just one and half or two days.

Free Eye-Test

A detailed eye test by a professional optician can cost you a fortune in the UK. Specscart lets you get your eyes tested for zero charges at its offline stores in Walkden and Bury. You can visit the stores to witness the exquisite collection and get an elaborate eye test for free.


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