Wednesday, June 23

Head towards a New Look to commemorate Female Power

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International Women’s day holds much importance in today’s age. The first IWD took place in 1911 and was held to act in opposition to gender inequality and oppression. People think that it is just another day, but it signifies women’s struggle against oppression.

Every year IWD is celebrated throughout the world on March 8th. Following are some of the reasons to celebrate this day.

· To commemorate Women’s achievement.

· To promote gender equality.

· To promote women’s rights.

· To fundraise for charities.

Protect your Eyes protect your future:

In today’s age, most of the office work, as well as studying, is done digitally. All this smart working can lead to vision-related problems like strained eyes and dry eyes. All these issues ultimately lead to headache and eyesight.

Today the most obvious and most threatening issue to public health is the digital eye syndrome. So, minimizing this issue must be the goal.

One of the best eyewear e-tailers, SmartBuy Glasses, offers a massive discount of 8% sitewide and 30% exclusive SmartBuy Collection for women on this international women’s day, March 8th. They offer a huge variety of over 500 different pairs of glasses.

Smart-Buy offers glasses collections of high-quality, affordable, and stylish eyewear. These beautiful eye wears are available exclusively on Their frame prices start at just SEK270 and include free 1.5 prescription lenses.

Not only does Smart Buy Glasses offer a wide range of glasses, but it is also doing charity works around the world.

SmartBuy Glasses has collaborated with World Vision to save millions of lives throughout Zambia by their Mother and Child program. You can help to make this world a better place just by shopping at SmartBuy Glasses.

Here are some of our collection of the most stylish eyewear that you can buy at SmartBuy Glasses, this International Women’s Day.

1. Gucci GG0516S

Our top pick of eyewear that you can get from smart buy is Gucci GG0516S. These glasses have a rectangular frame and a sleek design, which is quite popular among fashion enthusiasts this year.

These glasses are the best fit for an oval face. The material used to make these glasses is acetate showcase silver flash lenses, grey frames, Gucci’s double G logo that are most obviously symbolizing the ultimate class and luxury.

2. SmartBuy Collection Chant

It is one of the most versatile and stylish glasses these transparent frame glasses. Not only do these glasses have an evergreen style they also look good with just about anything. They are also at the moment in 2021.

It would help if you considered buying these glasses from Smart Buy because a portion of the sales goes to the Mother and child program in Zambia. These glasses give you a premium feel at just a SEK270 price tag.

3. Arise Collective Patras C4