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What Are The Major Causes of Personal Injury?

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The Most Common Reasons For Personal Injuries In The World | 5 Best Things

Personal injury refers to a legal term related to bodily injury, mind, or emotional injury in contrast with the property. Personal injury is a tort lawsuit which means a person who has been harmed can bring the suit. If someone caused you any harm in any way like reckless conduct, negligence, or intentional misconduct, you can file a lawsuit against them.

We have various jurisdictions that describe the damage caused in various ways but it is the injured person’s medical bills, pain, and diminished quality of life that is included. For further assistance in US-based cases, it is recommended to contact professional personal injury lawyers Lake Charles based firms.

It is personal injury laws that help an injured person to get compensation for the wrong someone else does. Thus, it is important to know which cases come under personal injury and to help you out, we have curated this list of personal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident

As you know every year there are millions of people who get injured fatally while riding a motor vehicle. If and when you, as a passenger, a pedestrian, or a driver are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should reach out for monetary compensation for personal injuries and financial loss. You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney who will protect your rights during the legal process.

Medical Malpractice

If you find that the doctors, nurses, hospitals cause serious injuries because of their negligence, remember that they are answerable. Many other typical medical malpractice like misdiagnosis, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, and failure to diagnose cancer comes under this category. These medical malpractice cases are quite complex and require the expertise of the particular attorney.

Wrongful Death

As the name suggests, it refers to a type of lawsuit where a person is killed due to someone else’s careless act. Cases like truck or car crashes, neglect during the stay in a nursing home, or the use of a defective and dangerous product are some examples. Thus, it is a lawsuit that allows the recovery of the caused damages.

Workplace Accident

If you get injured while working under your employer, a personal injury lawsuit cannot be filed against your employer. This includes medical treatment or a lump-sum payment as compensation for the injured worker. A workers’ compensation law differs depending on the state. It is an experienced worker’s injury attorney who guides through the whole process and ensures the rights which are protected.

Premises Liability

It refers to accidents that are caused by a dangerous or defective condition of a person. They occur almost anywhere, starting from commercial properties to a neighbor’s house. Documenting the dangerous situation as soon as the accident occurs is most crucial. It is a personal injury lawyer who will aid you by guiding and protecting your rights throughout the legal process.

Products Liability

If there are products that are dangerous and defective, causing a serious injury while at home, or in public places, or at work— it can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. At times, improper warnings or wrong operation manuals can also cause serious injuries. The parties that can be held responsible are individuals, businesses, and even government entities.

Anyone who sells, designs, is responsible for manufacturing or markets a dangerous or defective product is answerable. When you get injured by any kind of unsafe product, the first legal step to take is contacting an experienced attorney. The harmful product needs to be evaluated, the responsible parties are to be identified. You need to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for the incurred injuries.


There are many other personal injury cases such as nursing home abuse or neglect, aviation of any kind, and boating accidents. Other cases can be animal bites, brain, burn, and spinal cord injuries are some other catastrophic accidents that professional personal injury lawyers Lake Charles based can help you out with.

If you or any of your loved ones has recently faced any of the above-mentioned cases, get in touch with a personal injury lawyers Lake Charles situated firm to seek the help you require.


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