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How to Build Links for your CBD Business and Expect Profits?

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One of the most important factors that help you increase your ranking and gain profits on search engines is building links. So, by building links for your CBD business, you can make your brand known to customers. If you are looking for CBD gummies for pain and search for it, the common chance is you will land on the site that comes on the first page. Hence, link building is a point to consider to come at the first page. Customers can know more about the services and products your business offers. Here are some ways in which you can build links for your CBD business-

Guest Posts

Guest posts help attract customers to your CBD business. You can contact different sites that are offering to write a guest post on their websites. This will include backlinks that link back to your site. It will be present either in the author’s bio or within the content.

Press Releases

Another way in which you can help build links for your CBD Edibles business is through press releases. They have been a long and favorite form of communication that targets large audiences. While sending your request for a press release to a journalist your topic should be interesting and eye-catching.

You can give them the real news related to your business. In addition, proposing an out-of-the-box idea that catches the attention of readers can work well too. It should have an interesting subject line that catches the attention of the journalist publishing your press release.


You can run surveys to find out about customers who are interested in CBD and know about the statistics. This will help you build a customer base. Surveys can be included in press releases also. As many such surveys have already taken place you must make sure to be creative. Your ideas should be appealing and fresh to make your company known. Remember, the more your company is known the more profits you can expect.


Videos in CBD Business Websites

To build links for your CBD business you need to capture the attention of potential customers. Looking at how many views a single CBD video can get online. You can also consider making use of videos in your blogs to make them interesting.

You can also incorporate videos into your website so that viewers can refer to them. Customers can start referencing and linking to your videos and blog posts which will help in advertising your website.

Bloggers and Influencers


You can also make use of the influencer marketing strategy. By allowing trusted influencers to promote your product, you are advertising in a personal and highly organic way.

An influencer with a small audience that is related to your business can also benefit your brand. Sometimes, even more than an influencer with a broad reach and general audience. These influencers can promote in great detail the product that you offer and help you know your consumers.

Viral Campaigns


You can make use of viral campaigns for building links for your CBD business. However, it is difficult to say what gets the attention of viewers. Therefore, you should know some tricks that can promote its success rate.

With the help of social media, you can share ads and posts related to your business. This will help you connect with as many potential customers as possible. You can come up with various challenges and ideas that catch the attention of viewers. However, you should make sure that it eventually links back to your business.

Ensure that people who are promoting your campaign link it back to you as the originator.

Brand Mentions

It is important to link your brand website to different websites that speak about your business. It can be in a magazine interview or in a general list of similar products that are offered by your company. Make sure to contact the site and ask for your link to be added where your brand name is mentioned.

Competitor Links

By going through a competitor backlink analysis, you can find out the earned links of your competitors. Therefore, you can reach out to the publications that have featured your competitor’s links. And know if there is an opportunity for your business to be featured as well.

Case Studies


The journalists are always looking for case studies that they can use in their articles. Therefore, if they working on an article that is a match for your business then it might be helpful for you. You can always promote the idea of linking the article to your business. They are most likely to do so.


There are many ways in which you can build links for your CBD business as marketing strategies are growing nowadays. However, the key is to come up with unique ideas that capture the attention of customers and in turn increase your profit. Ensuring this will help your link your business and make it well-known among customers.


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