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How To Rebuild Your Relationship With Your Sibling Who Lives Away

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This is one story that you have heard a million times about how when kids are little, they don’t like their siblings very much, and some also try to make nasty jokes to keep them away from their parents. This bind, although it grows over time and outgrows all this spirit of competition. It is usually the age of 13-20 that we realise the importance of our siblings and practically become best friends. It’s hard to stay away from them, it is hard to keep secrets, and all you want is them. But it won’t be wrong to say that a relationship between siblings changes constantly and that once you are totally in love with each other, it’s time for the older one to branch out and make their name and space in their work life. This is the time when most siblings witness living in long-distance, and it is harder than many can imagine. The past two years have made these distances harder when the possibility of meeting your siblings was even fainter, and you had little clue. The saddest part of it all is that many siblings have lost their touch and aren’t as connected as they used to be. The likeness for isolation that has built due to lockdown is taking a toll on many relationships, and today we are talking about how you can mend it.

Send Online Presents

Send online presents to remind your sibling of your presence now and then. You can pick special festivals to send rakhi delivery in Bangalore, or you can pick a random Saturday to gift them a cake because they may be missing a bunch of people and the feeling of a party.


Send an online guitarist to your sibling through an online call which can be done through an online portal, and you make his day with a song that you two like, and you can share an incredible moment to remember forever.

Virtual binge-watching

It’s always fun when you and your favourite person are hooked on a series, and even if you live far away, you can always watch these series together by binge-watching and being together like in old times.

Video calls

Video calls are important to do every now and then because texting creates a space we don’t realise exists until it is late. Therefore video call your siblings twice a day, and things will be back on track.

Self-care days together

It’s normal for men and women to do self-care at home, and it shouldn’t be something you do alone while being bored. Therefore have skincare days together and be on call while you do it all. You can share tips and ideas too.

Cook together

Cooking takes up a big part of our day, and it is crucial to use time. Therefore you can cook together with your sibling and have a cheerful time. You may not feel the need for it, but your sibling who lives away will realise the importance of video calling during the time of cooking always.

Online shopping

You can shop online together by asking each other for approvals, or you can order stuff for each other. You can be on video calls while scrolling through the same websites on your phones and feel like you are out there shopping together.


Ask each other for recommendations to be in the loop of what’s happening in your lives and by seeing to the fact that your sibling takes an interest in your interest. You can ask for suggestions on shopping, studies, guys and whatnot.


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