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How To Optimize Your Website To Drive More Traffic?

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The digital era of technology offers a plethora of content. Attracting the target audience and generating the optimum traffic to your website is more of a skill rather than an art.

Here is a guide on how to optimize your website to drive more traffic.

Know the Traffic

There are three types of web traffic

  • Organic traffic: This section of viewers comes via an online search. SEO optimization helps in generating such traffic.
  • Paid traffic: This section of viewers reaches your website via social media platforms.
  • Owned traffic: This section of viewers are invited to visit your website through emails or newsletter.

SEO Optimization

Getting recognized by google’s algorithm is the foremost key to unlock potential traffic. Modify your website as per SEO strategy. Design the web page according to the needs of the audience. Optimize keywords in the content and also add them to the URL.

The easiest method to find target keywords are the auto-google fill-ups in the search bar. If you face difficulty in driving leads to your website, try again and change your strategy.

Valuable Content

veebilehe optimeerimine must include Informative, creative, and evidence-based content because it attracts attention and thus traffic to your website.

Select catchy headlines, regulate the length of the content, and add info-graphic and relevant images for a better user experience. Add internal links to your content to increase your site conversion rate.


Creating a sales funnel to divert traffic to its destination and convert viewers into potential customers is important for a successful business. Plan a promotion strategy and execute it systematically.

Begin with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Make contacts with influencers and famous content creators and ask for a shout-out. Reach for collaboration to increase your reach to the audience of the collaborator.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are click-baits to generate traffic to your website. These are pop-up notifications that ask the user to subscribe to the website whenever he/she visits your website. This offers a method of communication between the user and the website.

Push notifications convert a website visit to a mobile notification. And, if the content lures the viewer, there are high chances that he/she may convert into a loyal customer.

Paid Advertisement 

Deep tech methods and algorithms offer a huge capacity to grow traffic to your website. Google Adwords leverages website traffic and enhances conversions. They involve displaying ads on search engines to attract a viewer to your website.

Google Ads help increase your geographic coverage and increase google ranking. Ensure an aesthetic home page of your website with all details arranged systematically and easy navigation features.

Build Backlinks 

Backlinks help in gaining the trust of the audience and generate loyal leads. Generating a backlink by an established source that already has a huge traffic flow helps in increasing your organic traffic.

Guest pooling in blogs, podcasts, or interviews is one professional method to build a backlink. Research says, higher the number of backlinks, the higher is SEO optimization.

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