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Mistakes Candidates Makes While Preparing for SBI PO and IBPS PO Exams

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The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and SBI conducts a recruitment program for selecting the best candidates after conducting a vivid two phase entrance exam and an interview for the posts of probationary officers(PO). In regards to IBPS all the vacancies in the different public sector banks are accumulated and the chosen candidates are then trained to fill these vacancies. Both SBI PO and IBPS PO is a very rewarding job in terms of remuneration and benefits and selected candidates receive excellent perks when compared to the other jobs in India, that also makes this post have huge competition and tough selection process.  With huge competition there also arises a problem. A single mistake can cause you to lose your dream job and get in the banking industry. Let us now look at a few mistakes candidates make in general regarding study for these exams.

Not Practicing Regularly

Probationary Officer exams are hard to crack and if you are not practicing regularly, doing practice sessions, learning different concepts, updating general awareness and working on your English vocabulary, you don’t stand a chance. If you think just glancing over the syllabus and  understanding the concept will do the trick, you are going to fail to clear the exam. You need to practice regularly and make concepts and equations stick in your brain. . you need to practice answering the questions in practice sessions of your study materials and find out their efficiency at every level.

Missing Daily Updates

Preparing for the PO exam is not easy. Make a routine to follow and never miss any new updates regarding General Awareness, You should be very attentive to the daily updates that are happening around the world. Read and study newspapers daily and also list down the development of particular news related to any banking and finance in the world. Most of the general awareness questions come from the daily updates of various incidents happening in India and across the world. Reading Newspapers daily will also help with improving your English vocabulary.

Not Attending Regular Mock Tests

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Another mistake candidates make is not attending mock tests regularly, many candidates wait to start practicing mock tests till the last few days before exams. See Mock tests are there for a reason and that is to analyse your progress in study. You can know your speed, accuracy and how well you know concepts and formulas for solving questions with regular attendance of mock tests.  By practicing regular mock tests you will be accustomed to exam patterns of PO exams and when exams come you will be very comfortable in handling it since you have already practiced tests many times.

Ignoring Topics

Candidates need to be humble and study subjects even when subjects are easy, many candidates develop an over-confidence and skip studying topics that  are easy for them. This might be a huge mistake and can cause you easy marks. Some candidates also ignore subjects that are hard, they are intimidated by the need to put many hours of practice to learn it. Cover all topics as per syllabus, don’t ignore any topics, one or two marks lost will cause your ranks to drop and chance to be Bank officer.

Last Words

Remember all Bank exams are now computer-based tests that will not give you the convenience and time to go back and check the answers. You will also lose time if you do that, so make sure you are answering properly. Be focused during exams.


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