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Pre-Workout Basics: Guide For Beginners

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Need that extra hit of energy to power through your workout? That is what a pre-workout supplement is designed for. But, before you go ahead and pick one, here is a complete guide to using a pre-workout supplement so that it is both safe and effective.

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A pre-workout supplement is a nutritional supplement that is taken before working out in order to optimize your performance. It is typically a powdered supplement that you can mix with a glass of water and consume. Alternatively, you can choose natural pre-workouts like beetroot before workout.

The nutritional content of pre-workout supplements makes all the difference. It usually contains caffeine, amino acids, creatine, nitric oxide boosters, and B vitamins that fuel your muscles and energy production when you are working out. The result is that you are able to lift more and also stretch your workout for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued.

Why Do you Need a Pre-Workout Supplement?

The main advantage of a pre-workout supplement is getting the best outcome from your training session. There are some specific benefits that these products offer based on their ingredients:

  • Improved blood flow: Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in any pre-workout supplement. It is a vasodilator, which means that it dilates the blood vessels to improve blood flow. A similar effect is seen with products like bGREEN Up-Beet Pre-Workout which contains beetroot. Beetroot increases nitric oxide levels in the body. This is a natural vasodilator that improves blood flow and subsequently, oxygen and nutrient supply to your muscles.
  • Prevents early fatigue: One of the hardest things when it comes to working out is pushing yourself to do that one extra repetition. Somedays, you may be exhausted from a busy schedule too. When blood flow improves there is a better supply of nutrients. As a result, fatigue is reduced, helping you prolong your workout.
  • Improved focus: Ingredients like carbohydrates and caffeine in these products are great to give you improved mental focus. This is important when you are really pushing yourself to workout harder. As you increase the difficulty of your training, having more focus prevents any chances of injuries. You also pay attention to the muscles at work in order to get the best posture for improved results.
  • Enhanced muscle recovery: Amino acids and antioxidants are a common feature in pre-workout supplements. As you workout, the muscles are stripped of structural amino acids that are used up as fuel. Replenishing them with a pre-workout helps improve performance as muscles don’t become starved. With an added boost of antioxidants, muscle recovery also improves, allowing you to maintain consistency with your training.

How to Use a Pre-Workout Supplement Correctly?

Since pre-workout supplements contain potent and powerful ingredients, you need to consume them correctly to ensure safety.

When to use

For best results, consume one serving of your pre-workout supplement 30-45 minutes before your workout. This allows all the ingredients to get into action before you begin.

How to Use

Mix one scoop of the pre-workout supplement with the recommended amount of water. Shake it well and drink. If you choose natural sources like sweet potato or beetroot, you can make a salad, smoothie, or juice that you can use before workout.

Important for beginners

If this is your first time using a pre-workout, make sure that you start with half the recommended dose of the supplement. Build the tolerance for about 2 weeks before you increase the consumption to the full dose. If you notice any symptoms like shaking of hands (which is quite normal) reduce the dosage for a longer period of time.


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