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TrueNorthBit Reviews 2021 – Is It a Good Broker?

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Trading is a huge no for some while others look at it as their ticket to a brighter future. Although the profession has a lot of treats associated with it, tons and tons of traders keep pouring in every year. Some go back successful, while others get back disappointed and distributed. Yes, it is how it works. This profession has never favoured anyone unless they favour themselves. Yes, you help yourself out of a mess or stay in it forever.

It took me good 5 years to figure this out. In these 5 years, unfortunately, I had lost all that I had. When you are new to the trading world, you aren’t ready for all the dangers. You don’t expect all the threats and dangers will take over and hence you remain calm but when you see your money going down the drain, that is when you realize what just happened. This is what happened to me a few years back when I had just entered the field. Movies and plays made me think that I’d enter trading and become a billionaire in no time but reality, like always, was very different.

That patch of my life was probably the hardest. I was going through so much when finally I got to know about TrueNorthBit. My bitter experiences had made me a firm believer that there were no forex firms that you could trust with your money. So it took me some time to fully build my trust in TrueNorthBit. When I was first told about it, I checked out the website because the series of betrayals had taught me that a website can tell you a lot about the forex firm.

A part of me thought that this one wouldn’t work either but after going through the webpage and the uploaded legal documents, I could feel the soft corner for the company developing. I could see from the website that it’ll offer me something. But this wasn’t enough, I could not keep procrastinating and ignoring so I decided to go out into the market and start asking my friends and seniors if they had ever heard of or used it. My research went on for around 3 months and finally, I had reached a point where now I was ready to give it a shot. I’ll not say I was fully confident about my decision at this point, I remember how I was still unsure about the firm being efficient enough because the uncertainty gave me nightmares and sleepless nights.

Well, I signed up for the broker and gradually my trust in the broker kept building up. Now I think I have reached a point where I owe my juniors a review. When you establish yourself as a successful trader, then people keep throwing a lot of questions at you like what is the reason behind your success, who would you give the most credit to, what is your forex firm’s name, why do you trust it etc. I don’t feel bad about being asked so many questions. It’s just that these questions don’t have one word or one-sentence answers. I mean, it’s not only my mum who’s the person behind my success. These questions have very long and elaborative responses, so I have decided to make dual use of writing the review. 1) you’ll be able to see what a good broker is like and 2) you’ll get answers to these questions once for all.

I have tried to enlist as many questions as I could and I’ll be trying to answer them as comprehensively as possible.

Q- Which Forex Firm Are You Using and What Are Your Thoughts On It?

I am currently a customer of TrueNorthBit like you all must know. I have been using this for a long time now and joining this firm was the turning point of my career. I was introduced to the ease that a good forex firm can bring into your life. I have to say that the way they try to satisfy all the diverse needs of the traders is just phenomenal.

Q- What Do You Look for in A Forex Firm?

Well, I learnt the answer to this question very late in my life but yeah better late than never. I made sure while researching that my forex platform has very good and foolproof security, the administration is kind and devoted towards making the lives and working experiences of customers pleasant, the tools indicators are accurate and not run by robots, the website is accessible on different devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. I also ensured that the order execution is rapid. How can I forget to mention that I also looked for one which offers a website which is easy to work with. It’s just that they should provide you with an overall constructive working environment. After that I started looking for these things in one place, I found this one and ever since then I never had to go out searching for these again.

I hope you didn’t feel by my reply that the firm is free of any flaws or defects. There are some points which need to be improved and I’ll point them out as we go on.

Q- How Do You Find the Security On Your Chosen Platform?

I am very happy with the security of the website. All these years I have felt very safe and protected. This is all because the firm never keeps from making an extra effort to ensure that our assets are never vulnerable to any threats. I have, and I’ll recommend you also go through the legal section of the website. For me, these documents were alone enough to make me feel good about the security scenario. If you go through them, you’ll notice how explicitly they state all the sensitive issues. You will never feel like you are being tricked with words. This is one indicator of a real firm that is true to its customers.

Q- Is Your Firm’s Website Good Enough?

Yes, I am satisfied with the website. It is user friendly and people like me, who are not a lot into technology and take time understanding how things work digitally, can also easily operate it. The website is very easy to navigate. The developers have placed all the important buttons in front and this is why you need not keep fumbling on the website. The graphics and the colours used are also very catchy and keep you hooked till the end. The logo at the top has been linked to the main page so that you quickly return to the main page. If they add up more videos then it can be made more engaging.

Q- Is The Registration Process Hassle-Free?

I have found it very easy and fast. All you need to do is add the basic information like name, contact information and then just go through the important documents after which you can submit and that’s it. Pretty much hassle-free. Some people find going through the documents a little hard because of their technical nature.

Q- What Do You Feel About Customer Support? Are They Actually Supportive?

Yes, this is another very well developed segment of the company. This department has established itself in the trading community as highly competent. I have been referring to these individuals every now and then and they have never disappointed me. You can get in touch through a phone call, email, chat and form. The form lets you attach images too. But one of the few problems is that the ca option is available in limited jurisdictions so we have to rely on the rest. Apart from that, you cannot get in touch whenever you want because of limited operational hours. Also, they haven’t provided us with any WhatsApp or Telegram number.

Q- How Does It Benefit You Apart from Helping You Earn?

Now, this is a very important question. A good firm doesn’t only want its customers to make money only, in fact, they believe in the growth of the customers. For this purpose, they have provided us with a large number of tradable assets so we keep adding to our portfolio and keep learning more. Also, they have introduced a very well developed education section which comprises FAQs, eBooks etc. These two have helped me learn a lot but they aren’t updated often and this doesn’t make me feel so good. The rest is great.

Q- One Worst and One Best Thing About the Broker?

The best thing is that they try their best to give all the traders an optimal trading environment and the worst is that the website isn’t available in a lot of different languages.

Final Remarks

I have tried to cover most of what I am asked but it is obvious that I could not fully describe all the good and bad. But I hope now you have an idea about the forex firm TrueNorthBit. Ending with a hope that this review has been of at least little help to you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.


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  1. I have an awful experiance working with

    Unfortunately, they don’t disclose information to you to avoid you get panic. When you start with them no one talks about 10000 CAD investement which you must do to be able to work with you account. As a bigginer I lost 320 CAD and learnt how their system works. There are so many Youtube video about crptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how you should start. All of them are free and I found them very useful. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRUENORTHBIT TO ANY ONE.

  2. I had an awful experiance with and DO NOT RECOMMEND to anyone to work with them. I lost 320 CAD! Please take your time and do a thorough search in reliable websites before do anything.